How to Get A Mistress?
(from my own experience)

Finally you can fulfill all your inner desires...

I will show you how you can find a Mistress!

(exactly the same way I did)

First let me ask you a few questions...

1. Do you need a dominant woman who can humiliate you?

2. Do you need to give control of your life to a woman's superior sexuality?

3. Do you need to worship the lady of your dreams - all day, all night?

4. Do you need a dominant female to obey every command of her?


If you answered YES to any of the question, you MUST MUST read every single word on this page. Or, you will be shooting yourself in the foot for your whole life.

Trust me, in the past there were many times when I REALLY craved for a mistress, a dominant woman, who will make me her slave (more precisely her pet dog). And, I wanted someone who *ACTUALLY WANTS* to dominate me. I never wanted any fake girl doing it just for money or doing it just to please me - THIS WAS MOST IMPORTANT TO ME - makes sense?

I tried a lot of things to find my ideal mistress. For example:

1. Talking indirectly to my current girl-friends about such stuff - but, found out that none were interested (and most of the times I got myself embarassed... ouch).

2. Contacted new girls and directly asked about their interests in dominating men - and they give weird reactions asking me if I am a weirdo (lol).

3. Paying escorts to dominate/humiliate me - but they didn't seem to know what this domination & humiliation is all about - because they didn't have the ACTUAL desire to humiliate & dominate me (rather they just wanted to do as I said - just to get the money).

4. I emailed anonymously to a lot of girls - asking if they are interested to get a man who will do anything to please them - but, guess what? I got no replies. Maybe just a couple flaming me that I am a loser (lol).

So, the main problem was I didn't get to meet anyone who has this *inner desire* to dominate men in the way I have always dreamt about. I thought to myself - do these women (Mistresses) really exist? I knew for the fact that these girls must exist but maybe very less in numbers. And, I also knew even these girls won't be able to open up their desires publically in front of just everyone.

I felt like I HAVE TO BECOME A SLAVE TO A REAL WOMAN AT ANY COST OR ELSE I WILL JUST DIE. (not really die but yeah very close to that - lol)

Through my quest to find a mistress, I found MANY MEN who were in similar situations like me, that's why I finally put up this page so that I can refer those friends of mine here. Anyways, here is what I did...

After I realized that I won't be able to look for such women in public, I knew most people do reveal their inner desires online. So there must be some way to find a mistress online. I surfed and registered on *tons* of dating sites, only to find women interested in casual sex. But, when I got to this website (i will reveal it later), I was amazed as this whole website was dedicated to people like us having alternate desires than just normal sex. I was so happy and I quickly signed up on the website (which was free).

I began my search browsing hundreds of women near my area who have marked themselves as dominant. WOW! AWESOME! I got excited! Then I tried contacting them - but, the site wanted me to PAY a small fee. I said to myself - well, I could have paid DOUBLE or even TRIPPLE if even a fraction of such profiles are real (heck!!! for the lifestyle of my dreams - paying this small money is NO BIG DEAL). For the first time, I realized I have the REAL chance to actually find a Mistress of my dreams whom I can serve in real. I quickly paid and started contacting them.

I contacted quite a few and I noticed a lot of Mistresses were for real and also quite active on the site. So, some of them replied back. Then I exchanged my contact details with a few of them who sounded exactly what I have always craved for. And, after exchanging some emails and chats with a couple of Mistresses, this one Mistress (sorry I can't reveal her name) was just like the woman of my dreams and we finally set up a meeting just a little far from my area.

So, we met and only in the first meeting (thanks to all the talks before), I was the official slave of the lady :) :) Later on, as our Mistress-Slave relationship grew, she made me do things which I had always only dreamt of (sorry, can't tell you what all we did). And let me tell you she wasn't acting or something - she was actually enjoying herself as much as I did. So, this was my story - I hope to hear such similar stories from you people too.

And again, let me tell you I only made this page to help *people like me* succeed in finding a REAL MISTRESS.

Dominant Woman

So, if you NEED TO FIND A REAL MISTRESS NEAR YOUR LOCAL AREA, I highly recommend you to JOIN THIS SITE RIGHT NOW! (I can feel your pain and you don't want to miss on this - trust me!)

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Comments so far...

"Yeah I had success with what you said. I think I got really lucky!!! THANKS A TON! Am so FREAKIN happy!" - James C

"i really love to meet a mistress to humiliate me and then i will spoil on her also i would love to have her mail for chatting" - Boudy

"i doubt this will work..." - abood

"Makes pretty much sense to me. Am gonna give it a try" - georgia

"help me! im from india, i signed up for free but the site doesnt have much mistresses of india. i think i will have to move to US soon to fulfill my femdom dreams, u guyz r lucky" - subash

"soo true this site seems to have the largest database of mistresses!" - falcon

"i very much long to be a humble, obedient and respectful slave to a NE Ohio woman who desires to be worshipped, served and treated with the utmost respect.... humiliation, foot worship and respect for YOU and YOUR Friends is of the greatest importance... humbly" - slave dave

"this is absolutely crazzy!! i signed up on the site few hours back and started contacting the mistresses and have already started getting replies!! this is so damn exciting... thanks thanks" - dan

"it is my dream to serve a fine lady Mistress that will punish me to extremes that not even i can imagine and demand everything that i can offer whether financial or material that i would gladly give up just to exeperience humiliation and degradation as it should be when a male pig such as myself is trying to earn the preciuous respect of a fine Mistress that would constantly use me as she knows best and teach me to be grateful for her time and wisdom through extreme pain and punishment as she should determine.  i am more than willing to sign a contract that would be binding and non revocable, please consider me as a candidate to be used as such. " - slave david

"if u know any mistress near of Egypt please told me, i need her so much, please" - Ahmed

"I want to lick and kiss A woman's foot" - johnny dragg

"Needing  a   woman/ mistress    who  would   hummilate me  use  me  an   controll  me,   on a full time  basise." - Kenneth

"Thanks for sharing your story and giving us this golden mine! i can see soooo many mistresses and other kinky females inside" - Trevor

"thanks for the info this is what I was looking for." - mark

"Awesome. I just found a Dominant Mistress in my area in New Jersey." - Brian

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