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Training the Perfect Male by Unleashing Your Female Power

As a woman, what is it you want in a man? What is your idea of the perfect man? Do you want a man that will worship the ground you walk on? Or do you want a many that focuses all their attention and energy on you? How about a man that treats you like a Queen; pampering you, giving you massages and getting more pleasure out of pleasing you than receiving pleasure? Maybe it is a man who does anything he is told without complaining or arguing? Nearly everyone would want a man that not only does the chores like cutting grass and washing cars, but also do things around the house such as laundry, grocery shopping and even cooking. Or maybe you would prefer a man that showers you with gifts and takes you out to dinner? How about a man that is not jealous when you talk or spend time with another man? Lastly, maybe you want a man that loves you with all his heart and views you as his Goddess?

Any or all of these questions can answer you view of the perfect man. To some these descriptions may even sound too good to be true. You may think that these are only dreams and fantasies of naïve young girls. Well then I have news for you, you can have a relationship like that listed above with a man. Nearly all women are currently living with a man who has the potential to fit this picture of a perfect man. If you aren’t married then you likely work with a man like this or at least pass one on the street every day. Everywhere, men have the potential and desire to be perfect in the way just described. However, the key isn’t where to look for a perfect man but rather how you can find a perfect man. How you can find the perfect man is by looking within yourself. Every woman has the power needed to attract these men to you and mold them into the perfect boyfriend, husband and lover. The female holds the key.

Women have always held a power over men. You just need to learn to release this power within you. By releasing this dominant female power inside you, you can have men that are begging for the chance to serve you. In your life this type of power can do wonders for you. You will see benefits not only in your relationship, but also in your social life, career and every other aspect of your life. In society today, men typically hold all the positions of power and authority. However, men are only able to hold these positions because they have deceived women into allowing them to be the dominant ones. In actuality, women are the superior individual and once a woman unleashes this dominant side no man can stand up to a woman. When confronted with a powerful woman many men become submissive and act like puppy dogs. Every woman has the dominant power inside necessary to have men submit to her. 

So you think this all sounds too good to be true, then let me refresh your memory. Right now I’m directing these words to women who are currently married or have been married at one time. Think back to a time when you were dating? Likely you can recall how submissive your future husband was. Keeping thinking back to this time, remember how your man was sweet and kind. Did he bring you flowers? Did he do what you wanted and go where you wanted? Remember how much these actions make you love him? If so then I have a question for you, what has changed since then? He changed as soon as you married, right? After marriage he turned selfish and started to ignore you. Rather he hung out with friends or spent all his time watching television. When you wanted to visit family and friends he wouldn’t go with you. No longer did he go where you wanted to go, even if it was shopping just to be near you. Nearly everything became fights and arguments. Likely the flowers and gifts stopped as well, instead he started becoming cheap and tight with his money. Another thing that changes after marriage is the sex. It used to last all night long and was exciting, after marriage it is boring and fast. After sexual release it is time for him to sleep and forget about you. Maybe bringing you to an orgasm seems to be too much work for him. Where did the passion go? What changed from the man you were first dating? 

The simple answer is that he turned into the typical male. You likely didn’t realize how you were able to control him. You captured him with your female beauty and sexuality and he fell for you. Back then he would do anything to please you. At the time you likely didn’t realize that you were the dominant one and he was submissive during your courtship period. Back then you didn’t even need to know about D&S or female domination. You naturally caused the man to become submissive because of your sexual energy and female ways. During your dating time the man’s macho ways and male pride were overshadowed by your female power. However, after marriage you two entered into a serious relationship. At this time his male pride and the ways of society caused him to become the dominant personality and you gave in to this power, causing the spell to be broken. Now he expects you to be a good wife and obey him. The euphoria is over for both you and him, now he’s calling all the shots. I’m here to encourage you to get that power back. You still hold the power inside. In fact, only a small part of your sexuality and power was used during the dating period. You still have a lot more power inside of you that can bring back the man you fell in love with when you release it. He will become totally submissive to you again. And it’s not just him; all men will feel your female power and will desire to serve you or will become afraid of you. So let me give you some tips on how to release this power you hold inside.  

First it is important that you realize God made you as a miracle. However, never forget that men are miracles as well; they are a valuable and beautiful creation made by God. In fact, men are made in the image of God. Just keep in mind that women are superior to men. Women were the last and greatest creation of God. Women were designed to be beautiful, intelligent and sexual. While women are to be kind, gentle and tender hearted they are also supposed to be strong and resourceful. So start viewing yourself as the superior female you were created to be. Cast off your former low self-image and start to feel good about yourself. Junk and losers were not made by God. Rather God made you to be a winner and a special individual. 

God also created women for the purpose of being in authority over men. Eve was created to be Adam’s “helper”. In the Bible the word helper is translated from the Hebrew word “ezer”. This means one who helps from an authority position. These same words were used to describe God in the scriptures and to declare how God helps us. God always helps us from a position of authority and strength. This is the same position that women hold over men. So stop thinking of yourself as a second-class citizen. You are special and you are a powerful creation. 

Next you need to learn how to use your sexuality. This doesn’t mean you need to be promiscuous or flaunting. I’m talking about dressing sexually and acting sexually. Your dress shouldn’t be sleazy; rather it should be lady-like and sophisticated. Baggy clothes and sweat pants don’t work. Remember that your self-image is reflected in how you dress, so wear nice clothes. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes, but need to be nice. Whenever you can it is important to wear high heel shoes. Many men have foot and leg fetishes and high heels on an attractive woman can easily make them weak and submissive. I realize this can be uncomfortable at times so you don’t need to wear them all the time, but if you are going out somewhere and you want to be sexy then don’t forget the shoes. 

Leather clothing is important as well. Many men have a leather fetish. Not only can you feel sexy in leather pants or a skirt, but you will also become powerful enough to make men feel submissive and weak. Remember you want to look sophisticated and sexy, but don’t come across as sleazy. 

You should also go to a salon to find your best hair style. Take the time to learn the proper kind and amount of make-up to apply. Find shades that are best for your complexion and hair color. By dressing sharp and looking good you can increase your own confidence which in turns radiates from you. This is why it is important to exercise and eat right. Doing this will make sure you look good and fit. There are many quality weight loss clinics available if you need help losing weight. Don’t focus on fad diets or fast weight loss schemes. Rather see your doctor and lose your excess weight the safe, medical way. It is also important that you tone up through regular exercise. 

This doesn’t mean you need to skinny. In fact, many submissive men prefer a larger woman. The goal is to be fit and not fat. For those who are overweight and out of shape you shouldn’t feel bad about yourself and don’t become discouraged. It is possible to lose excess weight. You just need to make a quality decision. This can help you feel better about yourself. The better you feel physically and mentally the more confident you will be and as a result more sexual energy will radiate from you. 

It is also important that you get out and take the time to experience life. Don’t stay at home on the internet or watching television. Go back to school and enroll in classes. Join a club or organization that interests you. Meet with people and become a confident woman. Do well in your career and use your new found sexuality and dominance in the work place so you can get the promotion and better paying position you deserve. I’m not referring to “sleeping” around when I say this. Rather I’m talking about your ability to walk and talk likes a sexual and confident woman. Don’t take any crap that comes from a man and keep in mind the fact that you are the superior. 

When you start to make these slight adjustments to your person and self-image you also need to let your dominant nature flow. Make sure you act strong and bold. When you expect good things to happen they will. When it comes to your relationship, start to dominate your man both in and out of the bedroom. Consider using the “psychoanalysis of the submissive male”. Start training your man to become the perfect male you desire. Don’t let him take your for granted, rather expect excellent from him. Men need discipline so start working on this as well. Men are disciplined as they grow up and they are also nurtured by women. Men still need and desire this even though it is deep inside them. If you learn how to discipline a man then you will be able to properly train them. 

Start to learn how to use D&S and female domination during sex. These activities may seem strange at first, but they are strong tools to helping you get your man to submit. Use your man’s fetishes again him by wearing fetish outfits. Through D&S and female domination you can spice up your sex life, never having it boring and routine again. Your sexuality and dominance can flow and grow when you overcome your inhibitions and you will be amazed at how intense and enjoyable the sex will become. You also need to see sex as being your pleasure and deny your man sexual orgasms. By denying him you will keep him aroused and frustrated which will make him more eager to serve and obey you. When his sexual drive is on high he will focus more on you and your needs. In order to control him you need to control it. 

If you do these things you can unleash your inner power and your dominant nature will come out. In turn you can have men acting submissive around you and attract them to you.

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